Garden Room Transformations


Our experience and expertise creating garden room transformations is extensive. Using the Horto Everyday Space as the mainframe, we can create variations of this to meet your own requirements. However, if you want a complete bespoke build then we can create this too, all the way from design and planning, right through to the building installation. Take a look below at some of our complete garden room transformations for inspiration.

Outdoor Garden Office

Horto Everyday Spaces is your outdoor garden office

Working from home comes with many plus points – no commute, an extra hour in bed and if you rent office space an immediate saving – but one of the biggest drawbacks can be finding suitable space in your home to work from.

Home Gym

Horto Everyday Spaces is your home gym

If you find yourself having to navigate your way around the gym equipment that adorns several rooms in your house, there is an alternative – one that doesn’t cost the earth and one that can make a real difference to ensuring your family is a healthy one.

Entertainment Space

Horto Everyday Spaces is your entertainment space

Entertaining family and friends at home can be easier said than done when space is an issue. No matter how many mismatched chairs you cram into the living room, it’s not always the most comfortable and practical way of seating everyone.

Yoga Studio

Horto Everyday Spaces is your yoga studio

As our body cries out for a period of calm, tranquillity and restoration to offset our fast-paced lives, yoga can be just the tonic we need to unwind and take a step back from everything.

Man Cave

Horto Everyday Spaces is your man cave

For the gadget-loving Dad, the computer game-obsessed boyfriend or the man who wants to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet while indulging in his latest hobby, finding suitable space in the home to accommodate this, is not always easy.

Music Room

Horto Everyday Spaces is your music room

Listening to music should be a pleasant experience but if a family member has taken up the clarinet or is in a band that regularly uses your house for band practice, then you will be reaching for your earplugs rather than asking them to turn it up.

Teenage Hangout

Horto Everyday Spaces Can Be Your Teenage Hangout

As you finally sit down after a long, hard day, do you really want your children and their friends (who are supposed to be keeping out of mischief) disturbing your peaceful evening?

Kids Playroom

Horto Everyday Spaces is your kids playroom

If you’re a parent, grandparent or carer, you’ll know exactly how much mess a child can make and how your house is no longer your own.

Garden Retreat

Horto Everyday Spaces is your garden retreat

A comfortable, quiet, retreat of calm in your garden that switches you off from the pressures of daily life and leaves your mind clear to focus on rest and relaxation.

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