Horto Creating More Space from the Same Place

A new decade, a renewed sense of energy and purpose, and perhaps having been stressed out over last Christmas cramming all your visiting family into your home, not to mention the unexpected guest or two, a new year’s resolution could be to create more space. More and more people are choosing to make the most of the space they have, but a surprisingly quick, cost effective and easy…

The Horto Garden Office Eases Winter Commuting Woes

As the winter months become gloomier and colder, enduring the daily commute can be a real misery for many of us, especially when you have to leave and return home in darkness. Staying clear of squashed up fellow bus or train passengers sneezing all over the place or having to de-ice your car before you slip and slide your way…

The Horto Garden Room Enchants in a Secret Garden

Under a leafy canopy, down an intriguing path that curves and passes through a small opening in a hedge, a secret garden emerges filled with shrubs, tall flowers and a small glade of shady trees. It is tranquil, serene and secluded. The path narrows further and something unexpectedly hidden invites exploration. Curiosity leads to amazement…

Horto Helping to Convert a Few Short Steps into a Long Way

Horto has completely delighted their client Stephen Lock by building a high-quality, perfectly angled and architecturally stunning garden office at his home in York. Stephen, an international economic and political researcher and now working from his new garden office, travels the world, in particular Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia. For Stephen and many other…


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Hatha Yoga

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YIN Yoga

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